Disciplines: Nursing
Hours: 20 Contact Hours
Item#: NBQTX OX 20

20-Hour Texas Nursing Value Pack 2016

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Item # NBQTX
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  • Contact hours will be awarded for completion of this value pack until 12/31/16.
  • You must read and study the courses and complete the self-assessment and course evaluation to earn contact hours and receive certificates of completion.

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* Florida Nurses - This Value Pack is not approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. Please be sure to select Florida in the discipline & state menu to find the Value Pack that is approved in your state.

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This product includes the following courses:
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Holistic and Complementary Therapies

Price: $39.95 Hours:15 Contact Hours
Item # N1543  

There has been a shift in the concept of healing for Western healthcare and the support of complementary and alternative medicine has never been greater. This course is designed for health care professionals to learn more about the holistic approach to medicine. Topics discussed include aromatherapy, acupuncture, music therapy and reflexology.

Assessment of Pain in Special Populations

Price: $14.95 Hours:1 Contact Hour
Item # N1548  

Performing a pain assessment is routine for many of us. But identifying pain and evaluating the effectiveness of pain treatments can be a challenge in patients who are non-verbal, confused, or who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. These individuals may not recognize their own pain and are at risk for inadequate assessment of pain. This informative continuing education course shares numerous tools and instruments as well as techniques that can be used to assess pain in special populations such as neonates, infants, children, older adults, patients with cognitive impairments, and/or developmental disabilities. Includes case studies.

Michigan Nurses - This fulfills your pain and pain symptom management requirement.

Ethical Practices With Older Adults for Texas Nurses, Updated 1st Edition

Price: $14.95 Hours:2 Contact Hours
Item # N1564  

As healthcare professionals work to address the medical and economic challenges of a rapidly aging population, advances in technology are leading to increasingly complex end-of-life choices. This basic-level course presents ethical issues that may confront nurses and other healthcare professionals working with older adults and their families as these individuals near the end of life. The course identifies some of the major ethical issues concerning older adults and healthcare decisions and provides the framework and set of principles used to address ethical dilemmas in healthcare settings. This course includes relevant material from the ANA, NASW, APTA, AOTA, APA, and ACA codes of ethics for clarification on the various professions’ principles.


This course fulfills your older adult care requirement.

Texas Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics

Price: $19.95 Hours:2 Contact Hours
Item # N1565  

Expiration Date: October 31, 2017

This course will include information regarding the Texas NPA, nursing peer review, the nurse licensure compact, Board rules and regulations, including sections 217.11 (Standards of Nursing Practice) and 217.12 (Unprofessional Conduct), Board position statements, as well as principles of nursing ethics and professional boundaries. This course is not a comprehensive review of all laws and regulations that may affect the practice of nursing and is not to be construed as legal advice. The laws and regulations are always changing so it is imperative that nurses know and comply with all applicable current laws and regulations. Nurses should be familiar with the Board’s website and other sources that can assist the nurse in safe practice.


This course fulfills your jurisprudence & ethics requirement.