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24 Hour Nursing Value Pack 2016

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Item # N2Q24
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  • Contact hours will be awarded for completion of this value pack until 12/31/16.
  • You must read and study the courses, answer all course evaluation questions and attest to having personally completed the courses to earn contact hours and receive certificates of completion.

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This product includes the following courses:
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Assessment of Pain in Special Populations

Price: $14.95 Hours:1 Contact Hour
Item # N1548  

Performing a pain assessment is routine for many of us. But identifying pain and evaluating the effectiveness of pain treatments can be a challenge in patients who are non-verbal, confused, or who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. These individuals may not recognize their own pain and are at risk for inadequate assessment of pain. This informative continuing education course shares numerous tools and instruments as well as techniques that can be used to assess pain in special populations such as neonates, infants, children, older adults, patients with cognitive impairments, and/or developmental disabilities. Includes case studies.

Michigan Nurses - This fulfills your pain and pain symptom management requirement.

Humor in Health Care: The Laughter Prescription, 2nd Edition

Price: $59.95 Hours:20 Contact Hours
Item # N1547  

Humor in Health Care offers nurses an opportunity to learn about the importance of humor and the positive effects that levity can have on a patient’s health.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Price: $19.95 Hours:3 Contact Hours
Item # N1550  

More than one million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the United States each year, and about five million Americans have long-term disabilities as a result of such injuries. TBI is caused by motor vehicle accidents (including automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents), falls, physical assault, and sports-related injuries. In addition, TBI has been called the signature injury of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The nurse’s role in the care of a patient with TBI is critical for the best possible patient outcome. This course presents an overview of TBI and describes essential patient care and management from the acute through the rehabilitation phase. It begins with a classification of brain injuries, including primary and secondary brain injury, focal injury, and diffuse injury. Signs and symptoms are described, and nurses will learn about the effect of injury to the brain’s functional areas, including the lateral brain. Care of the patient with traumatic brain injury is described, including inpatient critical care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient rehabilitation and community care. The course closes with a discussion of the long-term complications of TBI, which can include seizures, chronic headaches, hydrocephalus, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, infections, vascular injuries, cranial nerve damage, and pain.