Disciplines: Nursing
Hours: 24 Contact Hours
Item#: NGTOH OX 24

24 Hour Ohio Nursing Value Pack 2018

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Item # NGTOH

Contact hours will be awarded until this pack’s expiration date of 11/30/19.

This Value Pack provides a total of 24 contact hours and includes a course designed to meet the state of Ohio’s continuing education requirement for 1 credit hour of study in Law and Rules. 

You must read and study the courses, answer all course evaluation questions, and attest to having personally completed the courses in order to earn contact hours and receive certificates of completion.

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This product includes the following courses:
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Home Health Nursing: Standards, Assessment, Reimbursement, and Quality

Price: $44.95 
Item # N1810  

Home health care is the fastest growing industry in the United States based on the projection period of 2014-2024. The anticipated employment growth for the period is more than 760,000 jobs, reaching a total of over 2 million. While some of these jobs are for home health aides and personal care aides, a wide variety of healthcare professionals will be needed, particularly registered nurses.

Home health services will only continue to grow in an aging society and with the increased prevalence of chronic illnesses. The pressure on home care agencies to provide sound, evidence-based care is great. With publicly reported outcomes and agency ratings that will affect payment for care, it is critical for the home care nurse to provide the best care and to optimize patient outcomes. With the continued growth of the home care industry coupled with an expectation of excellence in clinical outcomes, there is clearly a need for highly educated home care nurses.

This course provides the nurse with an understanding of the structure of home health agencies, the federal regulations and reimbursement system, and standards of care and professional practice. The home care nurse cannot “just” provide exceptional clinical care in terms of assessment and treatments but must also provide this care in the context of the larger healthcare and home care system. The course is designed for both new and experienced home health nurses as well as those nurses who may be interested in pursuing a career in home health or who may work closely with home health agencies.

Ohio Nursing Law and Rules: Implications for Your Practice

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Item # N1979  

Release Date: May 21, 2018

Expiration Date: April 24, 2020

This course is designed to meet the state of Ohio’s continuing education requirement for 1 credit hour of study in Law and Rules by globally addressing information concerning the current laws and rules that affect safe practice of nursing in Ohio. With this knowledge, the nurse will have the necessary information to practice safely, in adherence with the laws and rules regulating the practice of nursing in Ohio.


This activity has been approved for 1 contact hour Category A by the Ohio Board of Nursing through the OBN approver at Northwest Community College Division of Nursing #OBN-008-92-2131IS-042518. Approval is valid from April 25, 2018 through April 24, 2020.

Mental Health Issues Co-Occurring with Medical Conditions: An Overview

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Item # N1978  

Release Date: December 11, 2017

Expiration Date: November 30, 2020

Patients with a medical condition may display psychiatric symptoms or responses, and sometimes longer lasting mental health problems. All nurses practicing in a general healthcare setting must be prepared to assist patients with maintaining optimal mental health. This course is focused on those psychiatric and mental health issues related to a chronic medical condition that nurses working in a general or non-psychiatric nursing specialty area may encounter.

The course specifically details common mental health issues observed in patients with sleep-wake disorders, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes, and nursing care and interventions for patients with these conditions to help prevent chronic mental illness. The course also addresses mental health issues seen among patients who have suffered a stroke, lost a body part, or have experienced sensory loss.

This course is designed to enhance the skills required by those nurses without specific mental health training caring for patients with psychiatric and mental health issues in general practice settings. By taking this course, psychiatric nurses may also receive new insight into the general medical patient with a related mental health issue or problem.