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Why was my test not saved?

Our online courses are designed to save your progress every 2-5 seconds. This feature will keep your place in your reading material, should you have to step away from your course. All exams must be completed in one sitting. Exiting the test before completion will result in the exam resetting. When you return, you will be prompted to start the exam again from the beginning.

For security reasons, the online course platform is set to time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. We care about your information and want to keep it safe! To prevent yourself from being timed out, please keep your cursor moving on the page while completing your exam.

Once you answer all of the test questions, make sure to click “finish.” This will submit your answers.


If you are not ready to complete your test – that’s okay! Before entering the exam, just click “Not Yet -Take Me Back.”


At the end of your course is a survey. You will need to complete that survey in order for the system to recognize your course/exam as complete. Please make sure to follow the on-screen instructions through until you are taken back to your student dashboard to ensure that all of the steps have been successfully completed.

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