Josh Maka

Josh has studied the human body, along with its functions and movements for many years. Beginning at the age of 4, he started training in martial arts, earning a 2nd degree black belt at the age of 12. At 8 years old, he began assistant teaching martial arts to both children and adult students alike. His passion for learning about the body thru martial arts led him to dig deeper leading him to the field of massage and body work.

He studied holistic health & therapeutic bodywork at Body Mind College in San Diego, CA graduating in 2002. Since then he has taught full course massage therapy programs at Maric College, United Education Institute, as well as teaching select massage and communication classes at the School of Healing Arts, all based in California. He has also taught home health caregivers proper body mechanics and massage therapy to help care for their patients.

Along with teaching massage therapy and martial arts, he is also a teacher of Bikram yoga. Currently, Josh is a seasoned massage practitioner with a thriving practice in Florida. With great passion, his goal is to share his love and knowledge of the body so that others can learn what true healing is about, not only a physical level, but a mental and emotional level as well.